Lawn mower not mulching properly – how to fix it

Mulching lawn mowers help to keep your lawn healthy and green by recirculating and re-cutting the grass clippings under the mower deck to produce a fine mulch. The mulch setting is an option on your mower, so you can decide to use it or not. The special curved blade that will mulch your grass has … Read more

How to get rid of termites in flower beds

Everyone wants their flower bed surrounding their home to look beautiful which creates a great impression on their visitors. However, flower beds often attract termites that can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked. If you find termites in your flower bed, there are different methods you can use to get rid of them … Read more

How often should you water new Zoysia sod?

Every home owner would love to have a lush green lawn that your neighbors would be envious of. When planning your landscaping it’s important to that you choose between grass seed or sod for your lawn. Zoysia grass is a very popular grass type grown in lawns and its ability to retain water and being … Read more

How long do zero turns last?

Investing in a lawn mower isn’t a small investment, that’s why you must find one that will last for a long time. Purchasing a zero turn mower can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re looking for in a mower and it’s only suitable for large properties, but there are smaller ones for residential … Read more

Do I need to remove dead grass before seeding?

Most people’s lawns have dead grass that lays just above the soil when the summer season is over. Whether you’re going to replace your entire lawn or just reseed dead patches, renovating your turf during the spring or fall will give you great results. So to answer the question, do I need to remove dead … Read more

Can you cut grass in the rain?

You probably have heard or been told that mowing wet grass is not a good idea. Although rain will help your grass grow, you also need to know that it can make it more difficult to get that perfect cut that you’re looking for your lawn. So to answer your question can you cut grass … Read more

48-inch vs. 54-inch mowing decks – Does size matter?

Expansive lawns often require large high-powered lawn mowers. The 48-inch and 54-inch decks are some of the most commonly used cutting decks for these types of lawns. Choosing a mower for keeping your large lawn well-tended is a decision you are likely going to make for the long haul. It cannot be equated to trying … Read more