How to trim lawn edges

Do you have a beautiful lawn but unappealing edges? To maintain a well-manicured lawn, you can work on the lawn edges by following some simple steps.

Mow the grass, plan the path using a rope or tape, get the suitable edger, and put on some safety gear. You can now start edging. Ensure that the edger is level and maintain straight arms. Go over any jagged areas and prune bushes and shrubs. You should then remove any debris on the edger for future use. Here is more!

These steps can help you trim the lawn edges

You should not cut grass in your yard and forget the edges. Trimming the law edges is important since it makes the lawn look fresh and crisp. This is the procedure that homeowners that have the best-looking lawns follow. Trimming the lawn edges can make your yard stand out since it beautifies it more. You can achieve this through the following.

Start by first mowing the grass

If you have stayed for some time before working on the grass on your lawn, you should first mow it.  Mowing the grass first can help you figure out how short you should trim along the edges. Cutting the grass too low can weaken the grassroots or even leave some bare patches on the surface.

Plan the path

Once you mow the grass and are ready to trim the edges of your lawn, you need to plan the path. You can do this with tape or rope. Such items can help you figure out where you should make the edging cuts on the lawn. Some people use spray paint to plan the path. This is not advisable since you may miss the path, especially when you trim the edges during windy conditions. If you wish to edge the lawn along the sidewalk, you don’t have to plan the path.

Get an edger

For you to trim the edges of your lawn, you need to use the right tools. You can either do this with a manual or power edger. Here is a summary of the edgers that you can pick from.

Power edger (String trimmer forms)

Manual edger
Gas- Great for large lawns

Landscaping edger- Ideal for removing grass growing next to the driveway or pathway
Electric-Environmental friendly

Dual wheel rotary-This contains serrated blades
Cordless-It is portable

Edging shears- Ideal for touchups
Corded- Less portable


If you don’t have a lot of time for this task, a power edger such as a string trimmer can help you work in less time. It features a stringing head and a monofilament string which creates the necessary force to cut weeds and grass through the lawn edges. Though a manual edger is more time-consuming, it gives you more control than a power edger. A manual edger can also help you trim grass along the lawn edges easily.

Use safety gear

Before you start trimming the law edges using such a tool, you should put on the right gear to boost safety. You need some sunglasses that can protect your eyes from debris, grass, and pollen. You can also get a face mask if you have specific allergies since this can cover your mouth and nose. A pair of gloves is also essential since it keeps your hands from dirt.

Start edging

If you are trimming lawn edges for the first time, you need to familiarize yourself with the movements. Start working on a less visible part of the lawn. Do not forget to check where plumbing pipes and electrical wires are located to avoid cutting into them.

If you are using a string trimmer, you should flip the head to a certain angle before you start walking on your driveway as you trim the edges. Keep this edger level and always maintain straight arms so that you can get straight edges.

Look for jagged areas

You should also take the time to shove up any mulch, loose soil, or turf from the lawn. Doing this can help you see the edging better. Once you do this, you can assess jagged areas that you need to trim down.

Prune shrubs

Take care of any curved pathways, then prune the shrubs and bushes around the compound. Do this in small regular sections so that you can get even shapes.

Clean up

Once you have completed edging, you should clean all the residue from the edger. Doing this can make it easy for you to use the tool the next time you would like to use it.


Trimming the lawn edges after cutting grass on your lawn should not be a complicated process. As long as you have a good edger and some time to trim the edges, you can achieve this in less than an hour.


Which tool should I get for trimming on the lawn edges?

This depends on your budget and the time you have for this activity. You can choose from a manual and power edger.

Can I edge the lawn without an edger?

Yes. This is possible. You can use the cutting blade of the lawnmower to trim the edges.

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