How to replace lawnmower cord

Do you spend your free time gardening? If yes, you have probably invested in a lawnmower. One of the problems that lawnmower users face is the breaking of the pull cord.

When this part breaks, it can prevent the lawnmower from functioning. You can, however, replace it with ease. Disconnect the power cord, then remove the screws on the rewind housing. You should then remove the broken rope and settle the new one. After this, rotate the pulley, then insert the new rope in the rewind housing. Once you cut off the extra rope, you should reinstall the rewind housing then reconnect the power cord.

What is the pull cord in a lawnmower?

The pull cord is a crucial element of a lawnmower that serves as a starter. A lawnmower cannot start functioning without this part.  For you to replace a broken cord, you must first understand its housing. A lawnmower cord is made up of different parts, including the recoil spring, pulley, and handle.

How you can replace it

You can replace the cord on your own in about half an hour. If you have never done this before, you should check the user manual for some guidance. Start by getting the right equipment for this task. You will need a new cord that has the same thickness and length as the old one. You can get a new one from an engine repair shop or an online store.

Apart from the cord, you will also need to get other useful things such as a wrench, screwdriver, gloves, lighter, and pliers. Once you have all these, put on the gloves and position the lawnmower on a flat surface. You should then follow the steps below.

Disconnect the power cord

You should first disconnect the machine’s power cord. Once you find the mower’s power cord, you can now disconnect it from the battery.

Remove the screws

You will either need a wrench or screwdriver. Either of these can help you remove the three screws attached to the machine’s rewind housing. Ensure you get an excellent place to hold the screws since they can easily get misplaced. Once you get the housing off, you should clean out twigs or grass that may be inside.

Remove the old cord

After removing the screws, you can now proceed with removing the broken pull cord. Start by hitting the rewind housing lightly so that it can open. Find the edge of the pull cord, which is probably knotted. Use pliers to hold the edge and pull out the broken cord. You will need the edge from this old rope to insert the new cord in the lawnmower.

Settle the new cord

Tie a knot on the rope, then enter it where the old rope was. You should do this carefully as you take note of the rewind’s innerspring. Rotate the rope around the pulley in the right direction, then fasten it.

Rotate the pulley

You should continue rotating the pulley until you notice the pores of the rewind housing in the same position as the pulley’s pellets. Use the screwdriver to ensure that the pulley is not rotating in the other direction.

Insert the cord in the rewind housing

The rewind housing has a hole in which you should insert the rope. Once you do this, give the rope a knot in the end. You should then use a lighter to heat the rope.

Cut the extra rope off

At this point, you should remove the screwdriver. The rope will be fastened to the wheel. Take your time to return all the parts to their previous position. You can then cut off any extra cord.

Reinstall the rewind housing

Once you have cut the extra rope, you can now reinstall the rewind housing to the previous position. Do not forget to reinstall the screws you removed. You will need a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten them.

Reconnect the power cord

Reconnect the power cord to the battery. You should turn on the mower and confirm if it is working. If you replaced the cord correctly, the lawnmower should now be ready to cut grass.

Here are some of the pull cords that you can get for a lawnmower


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Dacron Polyester
Synthetic resistance
25-1000 ft
Nexxi pull cord
Nylon material
100 ft
Stens starter rope
High tensile strength
100 ft


A lawnmower cannot cut the grass when the cord is broken. If you are in this situation, you should follow the steps we have highlighted to replace it. Happy mowing!


Why do I have to disconnect the mower’s power cord from the battery before this task?

This can prevent you from getting electrified as you replace the cord.

When should I replace the lawnmower cord?

You need to replace the pull cord when it is damaged or broken. If the pull cord fails to return to the housing as expected or gets stuck, you should also consider replacing it.

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