Land plane vs. box blade – Which attachment tool should you get for your property?

For you to carry out different maintenance jobs around a property, you need to buy the right tools. Some of the attachments that you may need for a tractor are a land plane or box blade.

These are popular attachments that are not only used at home but also at building sites. They can help you get rid of problems such as potholes in a particular area. Though a box blade and land plane may serve the same purpose, they have some differences that you should understand before choosing either of them. Find out more!

What are the differences between a land plane and a box blade?

Land plane
Box blade
Dual forward cutting blades
Three sided metal box with scarifiers
Smoothing out gravel roads
Grading, leveling, moving material and backfilling.
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Land plane vs. box blade- How do they compare


To choose between these tools, you have to think about your needs. A land plane is ideal for smoothing out gravel roads. A box blade is a more versatile tool than a land plane. You can use for different purposes such as backfilling, grading, or leveling. Due to the versatility of a box blade, you can depend on it to manage your property from time to time.


Though you can use either of these tools to move different materials like soil or gravel, a box blade can help you move more material than a land plane. The box blade is more effective at moving material than a land plane since it reduces the trips you have to make. A box blade is known to handle rough stuff better than a land plane.


You can also tell them apart by focusing on the design of these tools. A box blade has the shape of a three-sided metal box. A land plane is not box-shaped. This consists of dual forward blades that come into contact with the ground. A box blade has a simpler design compared to a land plane.

Land plane vs. box blade- A comparison overview

Land plane

box blade vs land plane

Whether you wish to level a garden or horse arena, you can achieve this with the help of a land plane. This is a user-friendly tool that features some forward-cutting blades. The blades come into direct contact with the ground at the same time. You can use a land plane to lift gravel and dirt from the ground and maintain a driveway or gravel road.

A land plane often comes with two cutting blades that are set horizontally. The cutting edges of these blades cut into the earth at a shallow depth. As you shop for a land plane, you can get models that come with 3 point hitch configurations that enhance land leveling.

If, for instance, you need a land plane that can help you repair an eroded surface, you should get one with scarifiers. Such a land plane is more aggressive at churning the soil. If you have never used one before, you should start working slowly to learn how to find an ideal speed for the tractor and the project you are working on.


  • It leaves behind a smooth surface
  • The blades touch the ground and work simultaneously


  • The land plane does not move a lot of material at a go

Box blade

Land plane vs. box blade

The box blade attaches at the back part of a tractor. It comes as a three-sided metallic box that can help you achieve various purposes.  For instance, you can use a box blade for leveling, backfilling, or grading. A box blade can spread different materials like gravel or soil on a surface.

It comes with scarifiers that can effortlessly dig into the ground and break up the surface to shape it for a specific purpose. If, for instance, you want to grade or reshape your driveway, you should get a box blade. The scarifiers are angled metallic teeth that are fitted in a row.

The box blade can easily carry the unwanted material on the surface with it as you use it. You can even utilize it when you want to move dirt from a certain area. The box blade can pull the dirt forward or push it backward. Many people like the simple design of a box blade. Practicing using a box blade can help you learn how to break uneven ground using the scarifiers.


  • It is versatile
  • The box blade has a simple design
  • It moves a lot of material at the same time


  • High price

Verdict: So, which is better? Land plane or box blade

After comparing these two attachment tools, we discovered that a box blade is better than a land plane. This is because it can help you carry more material in one trip than a land plane, it comes in a simple design, and is more versatile.


How does a box blade work?

This rectangular metallic device attaches to a tractor. Its scarifiers can break up the soil and shape the ground.

What material is used in making scarifiers of a land plane?

These are mostly made from steel which is strong enough to break both soft and hard ground.

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