How to put the bag on a troy-bilt lawn mower

he troy-bilt lawn mower is designed to have a bag at the back part which holds the grass and debris as you work on your lawn.

If you have this machine, you should learn how to install the bag correctly. Start by inserting the frame that the bag comes with. You should insert both the rear and front parts of the frame. After this, attach the hardtop, then install the mounting bracket. For you to put the bag on the lawnmower, you should lift the flap to expose the blade then let the flap rest on the bag. You can now start cutting grass with the bag attached to the lawnmower. Here is more!

Follow these steps

The troy bilt is a good lawn mower that can help you maintain a good-looking lawn. You should use it with a bag so that you don’t leave any grass behind after cutting. Putting the bag incorrectly can lead to a clogged blade which can hamper the machine’s ability to cut grass. Since proper installation is essential, you should follow the steps below.

Insert the frame into the bag

To put the bag in this lawnmower, you should first pack the machine on a flat surface. Ensure that the bag you are putting on the lawnmower is right side out. Once you do that, you can now insert the rear part of the frame into the bag. Every bag for the troy bilt lawn mower comes with a rod frame.  Ensure that you slide the length of the looped cloth channel to the tube. You can now work the cloth bag around the frame. Make sure that the tube and cloth channel point in a similar direction.

Once you have inserted the rear frame, you can now proceed with installing the front frame. Use the extended tube from the rear and front tubular frames to slide them together. The end of the bag contains some plastic clips, which you should use to hook onto the frame. Begin from the bottom part and then work your way towards the sides.

Attach the hardtop

You can now position the bag such that it hangs freely from its frame. Once you do this, insert the handle into the slot found at the front of the hardtop. You should be able to slide the hardtop down this tubular handle to fit it over the bag.

Install the mounting bracket

Some people experience difficulties with this step. To install the mounting bracket, you should first place it under the front part of the handle. Ensure that the tabs point upwards. You should then insert the screw through the hole then enter this hole in the mounting bracket. You have to put in some force and get the right tools to penetrate the bracket.

Lift the plastic flap

At the back part of the lawnmower is a flap that you can lift to place the bag. Lifting this flap exposes the mowers blade. You should slide the metallic catch on the bag onto the rod that is found under the plastic flap. Once you do this, let go of this plastic flap so that it can rest on the bag.

Apart from following these steps, you should always ensure that you are using the right bag based on your lawnmower model. The market offers different bags that are compatible with various troy bilt lawnmowers. If you need a new bag that you can use with your lawnmower, you can consider the following options.

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RO6G 964-04117A Bag
2 x 12 x 11 inches
MTD 964-05104 BAG
4 x 7 x 6 inches
Troy bilt 21 inch mower bag
12 x 10 x 5 inches

Also, avoid cutting wet grass since this can easily wear down the blades and negatively affect the mower’s engine.


A grass bag is a useful component that can help you keep the lawn clean after cutting grass using the troy bilt lawnmower. A good bag can also save the lawnmower from dirt, wind, pollen, the sun, and dust. If you use the troy bilt lawn mower frequently, you should get the right bag for it. Knowing how to put the bag on the lawnmower and remove it is important. Follow the steps we have highlighted above before you start using the lawnmower.


What is the purpose of a bag in the troy-bilt lawn mower?

This is the collection system that attaches to the back part of the lawnmower. It is designed to collect grass clippings after working on the lawn rather than leaving them on the lawn.

How can you empty this bag?

Once you have collected all the cut grass, you can empty the bag. Approach this mower from the back part, then place your hands under the flap. Place your hands firmly on the frame, then remove the bag.

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