Best 72-inch zero turn mower

For numerous cases of lawn maintenance, the time spent mowing your land can be therapeutic and relaxing. However, this can quickly become a bore if you have a large lawn – unless you consider getting a large zero turn mower, such as the 72 inch mowers.

Using a 72-inch mower is a great choice, especially if you have a lawn that is at least 3 acres – because you can do the job quickly. They will also trim any obstacles more efficiently than smaller zero turns mowers because the deck is long enough to stick out the sides of the mower. The frame and tires are also wide enough to allow mowing of slopes, even as high as 15 degrees. They also have front casters and larger tires to operate better on rougher lawns.

The problem with choosing a specific mower is the variety available on the market, which can seem too many, and yet the thought of cutting the grass on your large lawn can be discouraging. However, you do not need to struggle trying to find the best 72-inch deck mower for your job, because we have done much of the job for you by selecting the best 4 options.

Note: Since many of these mowers are unavailable on Amazon, we will link the manufacturer websites where you can check them out.

The best 72-inch zero turn mowers

Cutting deck thickness
Engine capacity
Check Price Here
Scag Turf Tiger II mower
12 gallons
Hustler Super Z zero turn mower
11.7 gallons
Ferris IS 5100Z zero turn mower
12.4 gallons
Husqvarna RedMax RZT54 mower
3.5 gallons

Scag Turf Tiger II zero turn mower – best commercial mower

This mower is packed with features, and its build lands it on the list of premium commercial lawnmowers. The best aspect is its great cutting quality, as well as exceptional levels of power.


  • Tri-plate construction and tough cutting blade spindles to ensure durability and reliability
  • Velocity Plus mechanism to cut anything from weeds to grasses
  • Adjustable custom-cut baffle
  • Cast iron spindles
  • Front baffle chamber that lifts the grass before cutting
  • Replaceable wear pad for deck protection
  • Nine anti-scalp rollers
  • 3-year warranty

The specs here re clearly very competitive and top-notch, and the mower is very tough in order to last in the hardest of conditions. Its suspension system, drive mechanism, and engine are similar to other top professional mowers in the industry.

Other than these aspects, the mower is built to last, and has a straightforward design to make it easier for you to work with it. The only issue we have is that its length can make it awkward when you are navigating some obstacles, even though it is tough and can last for hours even after running them intensely.

The ease of maintenance is primarily due to the shaft design of the cutter deck, rather than using a belt driven systems. The only improvements that can be useful here is increasing of the fuel capacity, as well as shortening the length, because it only holds 10 gallons of fuel.


  • A variety of sizes that will cater to your needs
  • Uses gas, diesel, or propane as fuel
  • Powerful mechanism
  • Very strong and durable frame
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  • Quite expensive
  • Can be awkward when navigating obstacles


This is a good choice of a zero turn mower, despite the challenge of its high cost and length. Its build and quality assures you of many years of service, as long as you handle it well.


Hustler Super Z zero turn mower – our pick

The Hustler Super Z is a machine in every sense of the word, and it is also among the largest models in the company’s line. It comes with plenty of performance and hydraulics metrics, which make the most of it.


  • 5-year warranty
  • Also available in 66”, 60”, and 54” decks
  • Mowing speed of 14mph
  • Uses a Kawasaki engine of 27 HP to 35 HP
  • VX4 Deck to enhance the quality of your cut
  • I3M suspension seat with adjustable armrests and back

There are a variety of configurations that the Super Z uses, which will determine its power and cutting deck. Regardless of the specific engine and settings you select, you will still get a maximum operation speed of 14 mph.

All Super Z mowers and engines are heavy duty, and the frame allows you to use the machine even in the toughest areas without experiencing breakdowns. Other than the frame and engine, all its tires are thick enough to endure abuse from various environments.

The large tires will not just offer comfort during operation though, but also increase the safety levels by distributing the weight efficiently. Its comfortable seats will also make it easier for you to operate, and the armrests will take pressure off your arms.


  • Comfortable to use
  • Sturdy frame and very secure engine
  • High fuel capacity
  • Easy to maintain
  • Very fast and good cut quality


  • None noted so far


The Super Z comes with plenty of advantages, such as the large tires, smooth steering, and very responsive drive; making it among the top picks of your to-do list.


Ferris IS5100Z zero turn mower – best in fuel capacity

Ferris is a relatively old brand, having come into existence in the 1980s – and today, they offer a variety of zero-turn mowers such as the IS5100Z.


  • Cast iron spindles along with 62mm industrial contact ball bearings
  • Uses a 33.5 HP Caterpillar diesel engine
  • Hydraulic deck lift that is foot operated
  • Extensive rear suspension that uses a dual-coil front and arms
  • Cutting heights range from 3.8 to 15.2 cm, with a 0.6 cm increments
  • Standard deluxe high seat with armrests with heavy padding

This is a heavy duty mower, and experiences relatively few issues due to the durable build and very strong components. Note that you will need to engage the parking brake properly in order to crank it up, as Ferris mowers tend to be sensitive to any adverse changes in general.

The fuel capacity of 56 liters (12 gallons) is quite impressive as well, allowing you to use it for many years to come – just as long as you maintain it properly. The adjustments also make for a comfortable ride, and the suspension mechanisms both on the mower and seat will enhance your comfort during use.


  • Very comfortable to use
  • Performs very well in cutting multiple grass heights
  • Very good suspension system for both the tires and the sear
  • Saves plenty of time due to its efficiency
  • Strong build and very durable


  • Very expensive


This mower is really good if you are looking for a mower that can handle the heavy-duty tasks such as cutting thicker grasses, without spending too much time trying to plough through the lawn.


Husqvarna RedMax RZT54 – best for budget buys

Even if this is not exactly 72 inches in its deck length, you can still trust it to do the job because it has enough attributes to do a good job.


  • Uses a ZT-2200 transmission mode
  • 18-inch high seat for enhanced back comfort
  • A cutting deck measuring 10-gauges
  • Uses a Kawasaki FR-series motor, specifically a twin-cylinder setup
  • Fuel tank capacity of 3.5 gallons

This mower is the most budget-friendly option on this list, which makes it a great option for you if you have a large lawn but do not want to spend too much on its maintenance. With that said, we do not mean that the specs are nothing to write home about.

Among the impressive aspects is the use of a twin-cylinder Kawasaki FR engine, as well as a cutting deck with a length of 10-gauges and use of a ZT-2200 transmission mechanism. The cutting width is also wide enough to handle a variety of lawn surfaces, which allows you to mow your surfaces at high speeds at all times.


  • Very comfortable seating and armrests
  • Very wide cutting area
  • Offers you a chance to use multiple cutting styles
  • High-quality transmission and motor


  • None noted so far


When using a zero turn mower, comfort is a very major factor to look at, because of the time you spend mowing your grass. This mower is among the most comfortable models in the market, which you will not regret.


What to consider when you select a lawnmower?

When you want to get a new lawnmower, regardless of what size it is, you will need to understand the things you should look out for when considering it. This is because improvements in these lawnmowers have led to their increasing complexity, so you need one that you are sure works for you, even if you are considering zero turn mowers alone.

They are also expensive, so it is essential to make a good investment when choosing one.

Engine power

Also denoted as HP (horsepower), this is a measure of the strength of your engine, which will then determine its functionality. It is important to choose a mower that has a high horsepower, because they will ease the process and reduce the time you spend mowing your grass.

If your lawn happens to have some unevenness or is in a hilly area, then a higher horsepower will be more efficient, because it eases the process of cutting the grass.

Cutting width

Regardless of the zero turn mower you choose, the cutting deck is important to think about. The larger the width, the less time you will spend cutting your grass.

According to various experts dealing with a variety of zero turn mowers, the best size of the deck is between 50 and 60 inches because it will move through a variety of obstacles easily. The 72 inch decks are great as well, although they are more suited to very large lawns – usually with a size of more than 5 acres. In addition, larger decks are more comfortable to use when you are mowing your lawn.

Transmission efficiency

Zero turn mowers are unique from other mowers because they accomplish transmission through their dual lever system. Therefore, you need the most ergonomic lever system as much as possible, in order to give you more maneuverability and control. Before you make that purchase, ensure you check the specifications to see if the transmission is ergonomic.

Mower weight

This might not seem as important as the other factors on this list, but it is also important to keep in mind. It is always more preferable to use a mower that is portable, because it makes moving it around and storing it much easier. It will also help you reduce the costs of maintenance and repair because you can keep it away as the seasons change.

Fuel capacity

The zero turn mowers will have a variety of differing fuel choices, which are propane, diesel, gasoline, and flex-fuel. As this depends on your preferences, it is best to go for lawnmowers that will allow you to fuel easily and save fuel, and the best option is the system of electronic fuel injections.

Type of mower

Not all zero turn mowers are equal, as there are 3 main types of these mowers. The choice you make depends on your needs, as well as what you prefer. They are:

Consumer grade – these are strictly meant for a small residential lawn, and it has components that are not as friendly for servicing.

Mid-level zero turn/Semi commercial zero turns – an enhancement of the consumer grade, and has an engine of better quality.

Commercial – these are the biggest category, and are meant for large lawns.

Final thoughts

There are very many zero turn mowers you can get, although the 72-inch ones are harder to find and more expensive. There is no need to feel overwhelmed though, as these tips and knowing the considerations for your choice will help you make the decision that is best for you.


What are zero turn mowers?

These mowing machines are similar to regular mowers, although the difference is that they can turn on a zero degree angle. This means you can turn in a complete circle without the need for extra space.

Are they equipped with braking systems?

Yes, and you can use these systems when you need to stop them. However, their braking mechanism is slightly different because you move the steering wheels to a neutral position.

How can I steer them?

A zero turn mower operates on the forward and backward motion of a lever system, so you can steer them through pushing the lever slightly forward, toward the opposite side you are turning to.

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