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If you own a yard, then chief among your priorities is keeping it looking beautiful and attractive for longer. If you require to do some weeding, then choosing a cordless string trimmer is what you need to keep in mind.

Regardless of whether you refer to these string trimmers as weed eaters or weed whackers, string trimmers will always remain essential to your landscaping tasks. When you pair them with the best lawnmowers, then you are better able to take care of any pesky details in your lawn. These string trimmers have been around for decades, with the earliest models being corded and gasoline-powered, with gasoline types offering the best efficiency and power – alongside the fumes.

There is a reason to be thankful for the many technological advances, as this has led to the development of cordless string trimmers today. They now have sufficient horsepower and efficiency to rival gasoline-powered trimmers, without the inhaling of gases and exhaust fumes. Other than that, many manufacturers today offer you a wide variety of tools that can allow for streamlining in your landscaping activities, as they share the same batteries.

Best cordless string trimmers – Comparison table

Battery voltage
Cutting path (inches)
Check on Amazon
Greenworks 4 Amp electric trimmer
120 V
13 inches
WORX WG163 GT cordless string trimmer
20 V
12 inches
BLACK & DECKER LE750 trencher
12 V
12 inches
Makita XRU02Z Lithium-ion cordless trimmer
20 V
10.25 inches

Greenworks electric corded string trimmer, 4 Amp – best for smaller lawns

Measuring 13 inches, this trimmer is very affordable and yet includes premium features that make it worth the investment. It is also easy to use, lightweight, and sufficient power to use it on a small lawn.


  • A shaft design that takes on a telescoping appearance
  • 4-year warranty and a cutting path of 13 inches
  • A dual-line, auto feed measuring 65 inches
  • Edge cutting function that helps you rotate the trimming shaft
  • Power system sufficient for smaller yards

Since this is an electric trimmer, it uses a power cord to power its mechanism. This also allows it to be less demanding in maintenance and run as quietly as possible. If you are struggling trying to deal with annoying batteries or gas fumes, there is no need to do so with this model – the only disadvantage is the limitation of the trim area, since its power depends on the length of the cord.

The power system also makes this trimmer ideal for a small lawn. In case you are dealing with very tough weeds, the trimmer uses a dual-line string system that boosts its efficiency, and the line feeds into the spool through an auto-feed mechanism. There is something to warn about though – you cannot tilt the trimmer head in different directions, which makes it hard to reach difficult places.


  • Efficient to use and maintain
  • Dual-mode to help in faster trims
  • Telescoping shaft aspect
  • It has good balance
  • Its battery lasts for a long time


  • Unsuitable for tall people
  • The trimmer head is inconvenient when reaching difficult places


This is a good choice for a smaller lawn, although the rigidity of its height adjustment limits it to shorter users. Despite that though, it is a good investment to make, and you will not regret the quality it offers.


WORX WG163 GT PowerShare Trimmer & Edger – best for beginners

This is among the many ‘PowerShare’ Worx tools, and they all share the same series of batteries, and they also offer a more affordable option compared to most lawn machines.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Its dense size is ideal to handle detailed edging and trimming
  • 3-year warranty, along with a 1-month return
  • Its battery volume has a volume warning system
  • Zero emissions, making it easy to maintain
  • LXT Lithium-ion cordless offers longer run times

Worx has carved a niche for themselves with this trimmer, and this is economical and comes pre-packaged with 2 batteries, even though they are not as strong as what you would expect in top-notch batteries. If you really need to, you can pick up a third set of batteries, and they are also affordable enough to not make a major dent on your budget.

One aspect where it shines is the performance of the motor. The trimmer is among the lightest we have seen, weighing below 6 pounds, and the cutting diameter measures 12 inches that is enough for smaller individuals or those who experience difficulties when using pro machines. The process of feeding the spool is also easy enough, although the string you get in the package is not the best quality.


  • The battery is compatible across the line of PowerShare tools
  • Its trimmer head can tilt 90 degrees to help you edge and trim slopes
  • Very lightweight
  • Its battery charging takes less than 30 minutes
  • Ergonomic in its handling


  • Its charger and battery are sold separately
  • The included string tends to break too easily
  • It only measures 12 inches, which makes it difficult to use in certain areas


The entire package of this trimmer is very affordable, although you should note that the battery and charger are sold separately. If you are thinking of getting your start in using cordless string trimmers, then this can be a good option or you.


BLACK & DECKER LE750 cordless trencher – best versatile choice

This edger and trencher is among the best products available in the market today, mainly due to its powerful motor that lets you achieve your dream lawn and curb.


  • Offers high-quality results, even along the most challenging of surfaces
  • Built-in cord retention and uninterrupted edging
  • Convenient to use and clean
  • It does not produce too much noise even though the motor is powerful
  • You can adjust it according to your needs

If you prefer having a trencher that has a tool-free assembly process, then this can be a decent choice for you. It has an 11A high-torque that handles both tall and short grasses, creating a trench that looks clean and attractive. It is also easy to convert from a trencher to an edge, and its motor carries a torque of 150 inch-pounds.

Its blades have 3 levels, which allow you to control it easily, and storing the blade will only involve putting the extension cord into the cord retention area. Despite the high torque though, it is among the lightest, and has excellent leverage because of its assist handle.


  • Very easy to use and maintain
  • Very affordable
  • Cuts grass and weeds cleanly
  • Does not use gas
  • Possible to adjust its height


  • Tends to clog up quickly
  • The blade tends to stop spinning while it is in use


This product is great for homeowners that have a modest or small lawn, and need a quick cleaning-up session.


Makita XRU02Z Lithium-ion string trimmer – best for lighter jobs

Since this uses the similar Makila technology that controls a variety of other lawn apparatus like drills and saws, this is a useful tool that allows you to take care of your lawn in an easier way.


  • Weighs 6.4 pounds
  • Easy loading bump and feed trimmer head
  • Includes a pivoting head for use in tight spaces
  • Reinforced bump-feed button to make spool assembly easy
  • Adjustable telescopic handle
  • Lock-off, in-built lever for more convenience

The motor power is capable of attaining a maximum of 7800 rpm, and this means it offers you more than just passable control in your cutting. That also lets you achieve the results that you want due to the control you have over the process.

Its head has 5 adjustments that allow you to do telescoping, as well as using it in challenging angles. Because the battery power also operates the trimmer, you can achieve a great degree of freedom, and the head is adaptable enough to adjust in 5 positions easily.


  • Comfortable to handle, even for taller users
  • It is compact enough to make it ideal for precise edging and trimming
  • Very lightweight
  • Battery charging is less than half an hour


  • The charger and battery are sold separately
  • Can be difficult to use in some places due to its small line area


This tool is a good choice if you want a trimmer that helps you do some quick and light maintenance of your lawn. It is also quite dependable due to being lightweight and cordless, as it helps clean up your spaces quickly.


What to consider when choosing a cordless string trimmer

Before going ahead to spend your money on a cordless string trimmer, it is important to consider the factors we will discuss below.

Life of the battery

Most of the cordless trimmers you will find in the market have a Lithium-ion battery that operates the machine, with an average battery life of between 15 and 50 minutes. Similar to motor power though, the more expensive trimmers have batteries with a longer life – the more the voltage rating, the greater power the unit gets.

The Li-ion batteries are the best option if you want to purchase an electric trimmer that works for close to an hour of continuous operation. The recharge time will also depend on your requirements – ranging from 30 minutes at the least, to 2 hours at the most.

Is the unit durable?

The more durable trimmers need to have very strong material that can serve you for many years. It is important to know this and decide on it, and it depends on the length of running time, as well as whether it is enough for your lawn or not.

Certain models will also be completely quiet during their operation. If you need to carry out very intensive jobs, then choosing a unit that has a short battery life or very long recharge time will be impractical for you.

The weight of the unit

It is important to keep the weight of the entire unit in mind, which makes it essential to select the one you can carry easy and use it to maneuver around your lawn. If the lawn space is very big, then you need the trimmer for a longer time, so the weight goes along with that. Note that as the load of the machine goes down, the price will go up.

In addition, its balance is also important to consider, because some units may have poor weight distribution even though they are lightweight. If you choose them, it is easy to end up cramped and fatigued even after using the unit for a few minutes. Lightweight trimmers might also be a disadvantage in a larger lawn, or a space that has many plants you are dealing with.

The cutting path of the string

The string’s cutting path needs to be at a length you can use to clear up the areas in question in one sweep. It also needs to taper easily in tighter areas, and cover constricted areas as well. The usual length you will find in cordless models is 12 inches, although there are some that have a longer length.

Shaft length

In addition to the cutting path length, the shaft length is also good to keep in mind. This is because it determines much of the clipping removal, weight supply, and maneuverability. There is also a tendency of longer shafts producing more fumes, which is not necessarily the case for shorter shafts.

Regardless of the shaft length you prefer, you will need it to have an ergonomic grip, which will prevent sliding or other possible accidents during handling.


The power is also essential to consider – even more so than a corded trimmer. This is because the cordless trimmers use batteries, so checking the cordless trimmer battery type is important to keep in mind.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, the list and criteria of the best cordless trimmers should assist you to make a good decision – and these choices will help you on where to start looking.


What are the differences between a nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion battery?

Many cordless trimmers today use a Li-ion battery, because they are more modern, compact, and lighter. The Nickel-Cadmium batteries are heavier and bigger, and tend to suffer from memory effects, where their voltage decreases over time.

What exactly is cutting swath?

This is the width of the trimmer to allow it to cut in one swath, so the larger cutting swaths can cut more vegetation. That does not mean they are better, because they can have challenges in handling smaller spaces.

Should I go for a cordless trimmer?

It really depends, although it will be preferable for you if you seek portability in your gardening tools. The main issue with them is that they do not last very long in battery life, and they are also unsuitable for very large lawns.

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