Can you cut grass in the rain?

You probably have heard or been told that mowing wet grass is not a good idea. Although rain will help your grass grow, you also need to know that it can make it more difficult to get that perfect cut that you’re looking for your lawn.

So to answer your question can you cut grass in the rain, the answer is no. It’s not a good idea to cut the grass when it’s wet. The task is not only harder to carry out, but it’s also messy and it can hurt your lawn. If you want an ideal cut, the grass blades should be straight off the ground, but wet grass blades are heavy and tend to hug the ground. So if you try to cut the grass when it’s still damp, it can result in a tear instead of a clean-cut giving an uneven look.

Reasons why cutting grass in the rain isn’t a good idea

Uneven cut

Wet grass will leave grass clumps on your lawn and will not give you a good cut. When it’s rainy or the grass is wet, it tends to bend down and not all will stand up straight like it normally does. If you cut your grass at this time, chances are you won’t cut some of the grass resulting in a bad cut. Also, the grass that you cut is heavy and lumpy so it can’t be blown off and this will create dead spots on your lawn which can eventually kill patches of your lawn.

Damage your lawn mower

The water makes the grass to be heavier which can damage your lawn mower’s engine or drive. So if you try to mow wet grass or grass that is too short it can bog down your mower and cause it to stall. The grass sticks together and causes clumps that are heavy with water. This weight puts pressure on your mower’s drive and the engine.

Damage your turf

Your mower can damage the turf or cause indents and ruts

. If it has rained and you can see the water has covered the sidewalk or road, it’s not a good time to drive your mower over the turf. It will sink in and cause ruts and damage in your lawn.

Safety reasons

Wet or rainy conditions increase the chances of accidents. If you mow your lawn when it’s wet, there are greater chances of slipping or falling and this can be very dangerous if you’re working near spinning blades. Also using a mower that operates on electricity can be very dangerous in wet conditions.

Can easily spread diseases

Mowing your lawn after it has rained can cause fungus diseases through the grass clippings that form into big clumps. These clumps fall on your lawn and restrict healthy airflow and this can lead to brown spot a fungal disease. Also, the wet grass clippings that stick under your mower’s deck if not cleaned can cause mold that can spread to your turf.

Cause your mower to overheat

If you have a weak mower, it might start to overheat especially if the blades aren’t sharp enough. If your mower is struggling, you can either raise the deck an inch or two or go slow.

How long should you wait to mow the grass after it rains?

Type of grass
When to cut the grass
Bermuda grass
Wait till the showers are gone and you can walk on your lawn without any sogginess
Tall fescue
Can be cut when it’s wet since it has large blades without causing any damage
Mow after a few hours but that will depend on how much rain is in the ground

How to mow a wet lawn

There are times you still need to mow your lawn when it rains. Here are some tips that will help you reduce the damage to your lawn and mower.

Sharpen the blades on your mower

Blunt blades can make it harder to trim a wet turf because the wet grass tends to bend down instead of standing upright which makes it difficult to get an even cut.

With a sharpened blade, you’ll keep your grass healthy and avoid diseases in your lawn.

Raise the mowing deck

To reduce the stress on your mower, you should raise the cutting deck on your mower to about 3-4 inches because your mower can’t handle cutting grass too short in damp conditions. A raised deck also means you can do smoother and easier passes compared to when you’re using a low cutting height.

Use a mower with large wheels

A wet turf means the ground is soft and can easily be damaged if too much pressure is applied. You can damage your lawn when mowing after heavy rains so a mower with wide wheels is a great option. This will reduce the risk of rut damage caused by the sinking soft surface. However, if the ground is muddy, it’s best to wait till your lawn dries.


Ideally, if it has rained, you should wait till the grass is dry enough and you can walk on your lawn without getting your shoes wet so you can cut your grass. But sometimes it might not be possible and you have to cut your grass when it’s wet sometimes.


Should I mow the lawn before it rains?

Although it’s best to mow your grass before it rains, sometimes it’s necessary to mow a wet lawn if done correctly.

When is the best time to cut grass?

The best time to mow is midmorning or between 8-10 am.


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