Oregon Gator Blade G3 vs. Oregon Gator Blade G6 – Which one is better?

Oregon Blades have long been known to work exceptionally well, especially where the terrain is rough and uneven. They fit into a number of mowing machines, and they promise longevity.

If you have an extensive lawn, especially in an area that is uneven or that has a lot of debris, it is important that you use blades that are strong and that can withstand hardship. A lot of the time, we go for blades that fit into our mowing decks without particularly putting into consideration the environment in which we expect them to work. A good hardy blade is crucial since it does an excellent job while still delivering longevity. The Gator G3 and Gator G6 from Oregon are heavy duty mowing blades that are ideal for tough grass, rough terrain and lawns with debris. The below table gives a detailed breakdown of their features.

What are the differences between the Oregon Gator G3 and Oregon Gator G6?

Gator G3
Gator G6
Blade length
21 inches
18 inches
Blade width
2.5 inches
3 inches
Blade thickness
0.187 inches
0.25 inches
Center hole size
5/16 inches
5/8 inches
Air lift
3/4 inch
1 inch

Oregon Gator G3 vs. Oregon Gator G6 – How do they compare?

Physical characteristics

The Oregon Gator G3 is a long blade that is 21 inches in length. It is a hardy device that is made using tempered steel which makes it incredibly strong and resistant to bending and breakage. With a thickness of 0.187 inches, this blade stands thicker than the average mowing blade. It goes without saying that it boasts more volume than others. It has a width of 2.5 inches which also adds to its ability to rip through even the toughest grass faster and more efficiently. The Gator G3 has a center hole that measures 5/16 inches and that has a bow-tie orientation. This characteristic allows it to work as a replacement blade for several major brands such as Bolens.

On the other hand, the Oregon Gator G6 is a heavy-duty blade that is incredibly strong and hardy. It is easily one of the most reliable devices for the toughest terrains. It has a length of 18 inches which makes it shorter than the Gator G3 by 3 inches. Nevertheless, it remains an effective blade. The Gator G6 has a thickness of 0.25 inches and a width of 3 inches. These measurements give it a good deal of volume that allows it to cut through tough debris and sandy regions without sustaining damage. Since it is made to work through hard conditions, it is made using tempered steel and reinforced using carbide. This results in incredible strength and longevity.

The Gator G6 boasts more volume and strength than the Gator G3, making it the better blade between the two.


There are different types of mowing blades, and each one of them uses a different mode to cut the grass. Some of the most common blade types are the standard blades which are also called deck blades. There are also reel/cylinder blades, lifting blades and mulching blades. The G3 and G6 are special types of blades called Gator blades, hence their name. These work by combining features from lifting and mulching blades. This way, they deliver optimal efficiency.

The Gator G3 has the capacity to work on lawns that have debris such as twigs from trees, roots and lumps of soil. Aside from this, this blade is an all-weather device that cuts grass even when it is wet. The ends of the blade have ‘teeth’ to be able to lift the grass off the ground so as to perform a cleaner cut. Owing to the sharpness and volume of this blade, it is able to rotate really fast and cut the grass to really small pieces. This way, you do not have to bag it up as the mower spreads it across the lawn to act as manure for the remaining grass.

The Gator G6 uses a similar principle as the Gator G3. However, this blade is able to work in much tougher conditions. Often times, it is used on riding mowers and it has the capacity to fit a 36 inch and 54 inch cutting deck. This blade is better suited for commercial applications, especially in areas that are quite expansive and that have irregular terrain. The Gator G6 can cut through tough grass, wet grass, lawns with a lot of debris and even sandy regions.

The Gator G6 is able to handle tougher terrain than the Gator G3, making it the better blade.

Oregon Gator G3 vs. Oregon Gator G6 Overview

Oregon Gator G3

Oregon 96-322 Toro and Exmark Gator Mulcher G3 Replacement Lawn Mower Blade 18 inch
  • 18" Length, 15/16" Center, 2.5" Width, 0.203" Thickness, 1" Lift
  • Replaces Exmark #103-6387, 103-6397, 103-6397-S, 116-5175, 116-5175-S, 116-5176, 116-5176-S, 103-6392, 103-6392-S, 103-6402, 109-6873, 103-6402-S
  • Exmark (3) for 52" Cut, High Lift Blade, Metro HP, Turf Tracer
  • Replaces Toro #109-6873.
  • Equipped with X-Tended Cutting Length to improve cutting efficiency and have up to twice the cutting length. Great for Mulching.

This blade often comes as a set of 3 pieces. The reason why the Gator g3 is incredibly effective is that it does not just cut the grass, it also re-trims it into fine pieces that often do not require bagging. Mower blades often times damage the top of the cut grass, especially when they are not sharp. This particular blade leaves a clean even cut that allows the grass to stay healthy. The blade’s teeth are at a 90 degrees angle which allows the blades of grass to stand upright for a fast cut.


  • It is strong and durable
  • Can cut through tough and wet grass
  • Can be used on uneven ground


  • It is expensive

Oregon Gator G6

Oregon 396-771 PK3 Gator G6 Blades - 21-5/8"
  •   (3) Pack of G6 Gator Mulcher Mower Blades Replaces John Deere Part # M143504 (3) Required for 62" Cut, Convertible Deck Blade Length: 21-9/16" Center Hole: 13/16" Width: 3" Thickness: .250" Oregon Part # 396-771
  • (3) Pack of G6 Gator Mulcher Mower Blades
  • Replaces John Deere Part # M143504
  • (3) Required for 62" Cut, Convertible Deck
  • Blade Length: 21-9/16"

This blade is essentially built to be able to cater to massive lawns that are sandy and that have a lot of debris. It also works exceptionally well on uneven ground. When cutting the grass, its right-angled teeth lift it up so as to make for a faster and cleaner cut. During manufacture, this blade undergoes special sharpening that gives it a 30% sharper edge. This also allows it to stay sharp for a long period of time. The Gator G6 comes as a set of 3 blades.


  • It is enhanced with carbide
  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Incredibly strong and durable


  • The set is a bit pricey

Verdict: So, which one is better – Gator G3 or Gator G6?

The Oregon Gator G6 promises exemplary performance in all types of weather and in extremely hard conditions. It also lasts a long time without going blunt. For this reason, it is a better blade than the Oregon Gator G3.

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