Sun-Joe 401E Review

This lawn mower makes for an affordable and efficient way of keeping tour lawns well-manicured and beautiful at all times. Below is an in-depth review.

One of the most therapeutic exercises for me is mowing grass. I love the smell of fresh clippings and the beautiful look of my lawn afterwards. Having been a lawn enthusiast for a long time, I have used a good number of lawn mowers to tidy up my grass, right from manual to diesel mowers. However, I decided to try an electric one and went on to purchase the Sun-Joe 401E.

What to expect from the Sun-Joe 401E Lawn Mower

What I liked most about this mowing machine is that it is quite compact. It comes disassembled, and you have to put it together yourself. Inside its packaging is an assembly manual, but it is somewhat poorly written and may not be of much help. Thankfully, the Sun-Joe 401E parts fit into each other quite seamlessly. It takes an approximate 10 minutes for full assembly.

This mowing machine has a bright green color that effortlessly blends in with the surrounding grass and greenery. The main body is made using rigid plastic, but seeing that it is a machine that is meant to work outdoors, it promises average longevity. For cutting, it uses a 14-inch steel blade. This makes it an ideal machine for small lawns.

If you have a small lawn that has tight corners, you will be glad to know that this mower will be able to go into them without struggling. It is fitted with 6-inch plastic tires that are incredible at maneuvering. Unlike most other mowers, this particular one does a clean job and you will not have to go back to trim the corners manually. Maneuverability is enhanced by an ergonomic metallic handle. This handle bends backwards to make the mower compact and easy to keep away.

Unlike most small lawn mowers that come with collapsible bags for the grass clippings, the Sun-Joe 401E comes with a bag that has a rigid top. This bag has the capacity to handle a good amount of grass clippings. When it comes to disposing of the clippings, the bag detaches quite easily.

This mower is also quite light and easy to move around as it only weighs 28Lbs.

Key features of the Sun-Joe 401E Lawn Mower

A good mower has to have several unique characteristics that make it stand out. Below are the Sun-Joe 401E’s most outstanding.

It is electric

This is probably by far the most impressive feature of this lawn mower. When using a manual mower, you have to put in a good deal of physical effort to push it so as to get the grass cut. On the other hand, mechanical mowers that use diesel have a number of demerits. They give off fumes, especially when they are not given good care, and a good number of them are incredibly noisy.

The Sun-Joe 401E is a convenient mower that uses electricity. It comes with a long cord that is plugged to a power outlet as you mow the grass. You do not have to worry about running the cord over and cutting it with the steel blades since there is a cord holder that ensures it stays away at all times.

With the Sun-Joe 401E, there is no need for a battery since it gets its power directly from a power outlet. Why the electric mower is of great advantage is that there is zero environmental degradation.

Powerful 12-Amp Motor

Small as it may be, the Sun-Joe 401E comes with a powerful 12-Amp motor. This gives it the capacity to cut through grass with ease, leaving a tidy and clean lawn. The motor also delivers great speed that will see you mow your lawn faster.

14-inch Steel blade

The Sun-Joe 401E comes with a steel blade that is 14 inches in length. This, combined with a powerful and fast motor, will see you go through your lawn in a matter of minutes. The mowing blade is also quite sharp, an aspect that facilitates a cleaner and smoother cut that leaves the grass looking good and healthy.

3 Position height control

Another great feature of the Sun-Joe 401E is that it comes with three cutting height positions ranging from low, medium to high. The height adjustment is manual and can only be done by flipping the mower over. The good thing is that you may not have to adjust the cutting height every so often. This feature allows you to select the height of grass you like, ranging from a short cut to a sizeable length.

6-inch wheels

The Sun-Joe 401E lawn mower is fitted with wheels that have a width of 6 inches. They are made of plastic and have the ability to maneuver around quite easily. However, they are not ideal for uneven terrain.

Low noise

Being that this mower is electrically powered, it produces significantly less noise that a regular gas mower. This means a lot less disturbance for you and your neighbors.

Low maintenance

Unlike most gas mowers than need oil changes and other similar maintenance practices, the Sun-Joe 401E demands very little. All you need to do is empty its clippings bag and give it a good wipe-down. The blade only needs sharpening on few occasions.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • Uses electricity
  • Comes with a powerful motor
  • Has 3 height adjustment levels
  • It is compact and maneuverable
  • Light and easy to move around
  • Low maintenance
  • It is quiet


  • Cannot be used for large lawns
  • Cannot be used on uneven terrain


If you are a beginner or have been maintaining lawns for a good deal of time, you will find the Sun-Joe 401E efficient and incredibly easy to use. Free your mind of worry regarding routine maintenance and buying fuel every now and then. The fact that it does a clean job and that it can be used by all persons with small lawns is an added bonus.

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